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I’m getting a bit confused by both sides here, but one thing I wanted to say, to back up alonso’s argument:

@Seamus O’G wrote:

But, since they are all incredibly quiet areas at the weekeend, and outside the hours when people are actually travelling to and from work, it would unfortunately be a mistake to build the city’s highest capacity line through St. Stephen’s Green in an effort to serve them and to force the largest group of passengers to change to get to where they wish to go, which is the city centre.

What do you mean by ‘the largest group of passengers’? The retail cohort?

The real thing knackering this city is the car based journey to work (and school- not particularly relevant here), and I’d argue that SSG is the best location for the interchange if this is the problem that’s going to be tackled. If the decision is taken to use an interchange to facilitate shoppers, then the CG argument gains currency, but that approach would be a mistake in my book.

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