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@alonso wrote:

The SSG stop is expected to be the busiest as it will take Metro passengers from the Northside, DART passengers from the South West and North coastal line and Luas passengers from the south all directly into the office, retail and cultural core of our city.

Yes, SSG will be the busiest stop if an interchange is built there. We know that. It’s obvious.

If the highest capacity East-West line ever to be built across the city is indeed to be built, it is quite obvious that the busiest station will be the one which is closest to the centre.

Come on, Alonso:confused:

And the figures show this.

Can you provide these figures, please.

The clear indication from the O’Reilly report was that, for a stand-alone metro (i.e a north-south line with no connection to anything, bar the LUAS) the College Green stop would have been the busiest. In other words, along a North-South route, College Green would be the most desired location. There is no reason that I can think of why the views of the majority of passengers travelling along a West-East corridor – such as would be provided by the interconector – should be any different. Can you?

It’s been said a million times here already – college Green is not a major trip attractor for commuters – just a filter. Remove TCD and what have you got? 2 banks and a Spar? the reason so many buses go to College Green is due to one thing and one thing only – the An Lar-ism you refer to yourself.

I only mentioned College Green because it is an alternative location which would clearly be capable of hosting an underground interchange. There may be other central locations which are capable of performing this function. O’Connell Bridge, perhaps?

But you simply cannot define College Green as a location with TCD, two banks and a Spar.:(

It lies right between the two major retail areas of the city It is in the centre of a very large business area, and it is busy all the time. This is simply not the case with St. Stephen’s Green.

The case for building the interconnector through St. Stephen’s Green is largely based on the demand for travel to locations like Baggot Street, Adelaide Road, Leeson Street, Hatch Street, etc., not St. Stephen’s Green itself. (Is the Green itself a major trip attractor? I doubt it)

I fully understand that these are areas which are vitally important to the city, and to which decent public transport must eventually go.

But, since they are all incredibly quiet areas at the weekeend, and outside the hours when people are actually travelling to and from work, it would unfortunately be a mistake to build the city’s highest capacity line through St. Stephen’s Green in an effort to serve them and to force the largest group of passengers to change to get to where they wish to go, which is the city centre.

A mistake which is, however, likely to be made.:(

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