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The SSG stop is expected to be the busiest as it will take Metro passengers from the Northside, DART passengers from the South West and North coastal line and Luas passengers from the south all directly into the office, retail and cultural core of our city. And the figures show this. It’s been said a million times here already – college Green is not a major trip attractor for commuters – just a filter. Remove TCD and what have you got? 2 banks and a Spar? the reason so many buses go to College Green is due to one thing and one thing only – the An Lar-ism you refer to yourself.

I consider everything from SSG to Parnell Square as our City Centre and Grafton St and environs incl the Green comprise a major hub of diverse activities. As for prime retail streets, yes Grafton st and Environs are among Dublin’s prime retail streets, along with Henry Street – but as far as comprising a retail area, the south city is far more comprehensive and diverse

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