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@alonso wrote:

SSG is the centre of the city.

The lobby group P11 used to – and possibly still do – have as their mantra that they were against AnLarism (I hope you will excuse the lack of a fada on my keyboard), but your comments do not explain two things: It is clear that if the LUAS link-up is built, that the station at SSG will not be the busiest station (the station closest to College Green will, almost certainly , be): And around 60% of Dublin’s buses which run in the area between the canals travel through College Green – while the comparable figure for SSG is around 23% . For a city which has a largely bus-based transport system i think you will need to explain yourself if you want to express the view that St. Stephen’s Green is the centre of the city.

It remains the commercial core of Dublin and of the country, with the prime retail streets and the heart of the office and professional services sectors in Georgian Dublin. It’s also closest to much of the city’s true nightlife ie nightlife for us not tourists. I’m still flabbergasted that people regard Dame st as more central just because it;s closer to the GPO

Prime retail streets? are you planning to slot in Henry Street there?

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