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@missarchi wrote:

mark what do you think the drop shaft size required is?????
I have photos but mabye you could provide all the information I think you would be suprised???

Mark I know you know what you are talking about given your background and that is what concerns me most.

If a 300m run from Benneton to Eircom isn’t enough then just how far into Stephens Green are they planning to go; more than 300m would almost take the excavation as far as Leeson Street.

Dublin traders want Metro North hearing
Friday, 7 November 2008 15:50
Dublin traders want a public hearing into the Dublin Metro North project, claiming that disruption costs to the city could total €2bn.

The Rail Procurement Agency has applied to An Bord Pleanála for a railway order to start the project but there is no obligation to hold a hearing.

Tom Coffey of the Dublin City Centre Business Association welcomed the concept of the Metro North but said a public hearing should still be held due to the public importance of the project.

AdvertisementMr Coffey said: ‘We are concerned that this project (in its current guise) may well prove unnecessarily damaging to the existing economy as well prove to be the least cost efficient means of achieving what we all agree is a necessary project.’

Mr Coffey said there are concerns about the adequacy of the Environmental Impact Assessment and that it was unfair that the public sector were given extra time to study its 3,000-page report while the private sector was not.

An RPA spokesman said it was expecting a public hearing to be held around February 2009.

Surely if the TBM is to be encapsulated in the medium term then all they need to put in are entrances; if the project were to involve encapsulating the machine and if they built 3 entrances then none of them would need to be much more than 1,000 sq feet each. The way that Oxford Circus has been done could be very effective with say 4 exits at various points i.e. one for Luas, one for Grafton Street and another for Dawson St which would involve minimal disruption based on small scale interventions vs a cavernous entrance; what would be required would be to have a significant interchange with interconnector underground and then three sets of escalators to the three seperate entrances with both networks merged at the higher of the two platform heights.

Presumably the TBM would be equivelent to one of the Dublin Port Tunnel directions and that the spoil would all be removed en route to Stephens Green and not from Stephens Green; which if that is trhe case you would wonder why there was ever an idea to trash the green in the first place. Preserving the park and the retail environment during the construction phase are very important.

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