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@PVC King wrote:

I totally disagree that linking the airport to St Stephens Green by rail or retaining a fine Victorian planting scheme is an either or. The options to avoid destruction are

How many times do people have to be told it’s not an airport metro before the message starts to sink in? It’s a metro serving the city centre, drumcondra, glasnevin, beaumont, ballymun, the airport and swords. The airport is probably going to be the quietest of all the stations. Your first option only links the airport to the Dart and leaves the rest of those areas train-less and your second option is not only infeasible given the size of drop shafts required for TBMs, it also makes the Luas even less useful if it’s terminus is moved further from buses coming from the northside.

In any event, I’m still dubious of the chances of MN ever being built. This country is still too backward when it comes to infrastructure (other than roads).

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