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here are some calculations for you…

1440msq. nom.

= 1440 people@ 1 per m sq.
= 2880 people@ 2 per m sq.
= 4320 people @ 3 per m sq.

It has 7 escalators that could handle around 81900 people per hour ( excluding interconnector connections )
or 40,000 nom. per direction around double the RPA numbers–romania?docID=0901260d8000d153#
(bit wide but gives you an idea)

Length 112,610 mm
Width 3,100 mm
Max. Speed 80 km/h
Seated Passengers 216
Standees 984 (4 pass/m2)

and lisboa

Operator Metropolitano de Lisboa
Carbody Material Stainless steel
Length 49,080 mm (unit)
Width 2,789 mm
Max. Speed 72 km/h
Seated Passengers 196
Standees 300 (6pass/m2)

1200 passengers per train = 36,000 per direction per hour/30 trains per hour
358 luas 40m
666.6666666666666666666666666666 luas/metro??? 20,000/30 trains per hour (the devil)

If you assumed 2 minutes to get of the platform and 2 minute wait platform would handle 86400 people per hour at 2 per m sq. ( this has not been based off proper flow modeling )

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