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@Peter Fitz wrote:

Its not about merely creating entry points from the west & north.

The clear alternative is to align metro north terminus with SSG west road space & align the interconector stop with SSG north road space.

– Both road spaces do not handle through road traffic and are under utilised.
– Both road spaces can be reinstated exactly as is.
– The Green cannot.

– Further felling along the west boundary will be required to construct the interconnector.
– With future expansion south inevitable, we are consigning the park to another bout of open heart surgery in the future.

I still don’t see how you could actually accommodate all of the tunnelling and associated works outside the railings of the green & under the road space. If you look at the extent of what is planned in the posts by missarchi on this thread: its difficult to imagine that excavation under the Green can be avoided. Is there a realistic way to do this?

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