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@BostonorBerlin wrote:

yeah that was a $9million euro smoothie you had , you make it sound like you couldnt do that in the old square , just cos you were too delicate to sit on the grass and were afraid one of the winos might bother you.
1. Eyre Square 9 million euro 2 years
2. November 2007 MS Ireland has received funding from the Dormant Accounts fund to improve the lives of MS sufferers in the West of Ireland. The scheme, which has a budget of €119,800, will be used to purchase equipment that will help with physical exercise, mobility or maintaining independence and safety, either at home or at work.
Im going to give you the benefit of a modicum of intelligence and assume you can decipher what point I would have made with these two statistics.

that we prioritise health over all else? no. That we should not spend money on the urban environment? no. That MS in the West can be dealt with cheaply? no. That perhaps Eyre Square went over budget? Ah right. That’s your point is it? Good God. What a nasty unnecessary stupid way to make that point. Why not compare it to government expenditure on say, I dunno, the Bertie Bowl, E-voting, Cycle lanes, make-up for the ex-Taoiseach, RTE salaries, the Arts, Equestrianism etc etc etc etc

And also have you factored in the fiscal benefits brought to commercial interests around Eyre Square and the City in general. Nah thought not.

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