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BoB. the places weren’t further away or closer as you might already know. Journey times were shorter. Journey time across all modes is dependent on demand related to supply. When there is no demand for a rail service, it will run quicker, if a lot less frequently. I’m confused as to how you arrived at your 2nd paragraph. What we are saying is that comparing ANYTHING in Ireland today with the Country of 20-50 years ago is retarded and nonsensical as they are different places. This is especiall;y true of transport demand as it correlates directly with economic activity, of which there was next to none in the glory days of rail you referred to.

If population and working numbers increase in the spatial manner of the last 15 years, yes there is shag all that can be done about it. But sure every plank on the street can tell you that. I’m amazed it needs to be explained on archiseek?!! What most here would advocate is proper integrated land use and trasport planning aimed at reducing THE NEED to travel at all, which is a derived demand. We can have 10 million on the island, full employment and 3 cars per household with feck all congestion if we did it right

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