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I dunno. I think the T21 plan (fingers crossed it gets implemented) is absolutely fantastic. As an excuse to learn something about Inkscape, I created the attached image which demonstrates what we are getting in terms of high capacity rail in the city centre. (I’m quite a bit less enthusiastic about what is planned for Luas.) Dart 1 is red, Dart 2 is green and Metro North is blue. The slightly opaque circles represent about a 400m cachement area around the stations. Walking slowly, 400m takes under 5 minutes. Everything (except the fact that Metro North doesn’t extend further south) seems to make sense to me in terms of maximising the use of the existing infrastructure, providing coverage and integration. Squishing everything into the centre (i.e. moving the Green interchange to College Green, pushing Spensor Dock under Connolly and the Dart 2 stop under Pearse under Tara) the makes no sense to me. Dame St and College Green are covered in cachement circles. This will be easily worth some trees on Stephen’s Green; just look at it!

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