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@Seamus O’G wrote:

A tunnel through/past Connolly deals with the congestion at Connolly. In effect, creating two extra lines at that location. I readily accept, however, that Spencer Dock is another option for dealing with the congestion at Connolly..

Where do you link this into the northern line? What about gradient? How do you keep the northern line (the countries busiest) fully operational – go via Spencer dock where you can be below the surface and avoid the canal and tolka

@Seamus O’G wrote:

Oh gawd. Integration again. ..

Well yes but what’s your problem with integration – I’m talking about integrating new areas rather than transport types but if you want to go down that road we can – however I think it’s important that new areas are opened up and linked to the city

@Seamus O’G wrote:

The tunnel could surely be built through/past Tara Street station, bringing more people to where they want to go. And those who wish to travel to Pearse and “integrate with the city’s Eastern districts” could change at Tara Street and do just that.

Not in the same way as Pearse which is an easier option and has a greater site capacity

@Seamus O’G wrote:

Building the tunnel through a more central location would also keep a lot of office workers happy. And other workers and partygoers and others happy as well. It’s important to remember that the original figures for the metro indicated that the Trinity station was predicted to be busier than the St. Stephen’s Green station. It’s obvious where the busiest stops would be if the only city centre infrastructure project were to be the LUAS link-up. Again, indicating that more people wish to go to the central area, rather than to St. Stephen’s Green.

People if they really cannot face the horror of walking all the way down a pedestrianised street can get the Metro to O’Connell bridge at the interchange at St Stephen’s Green but maybe that’s integration of transport types and we know you have an aversion to that.

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