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Oh dear…another thread about how awful Dublin is. We seem to be great at criticising it but not very good (collectively) at changing things. It is probably worth mentioning though that few cities look their best from railway lines. The urban landscape that faces railways just isnt designed to appeal to the senses (since you are generally zooming by)…that is still the function of streets.
Things arent all that bad darkman…. it may be over 15 years now but its still worth remembering how bad the city looked up until the 90s and just how much things have improved. There is no denying there is a long way to go…

I agree absolutely with you. I remember the 80s very vaguely and it was a hard time. Things have most definatley improved and are continuing to improve. The city has never looked great from the railway line especially going into Connolly Station from the northside. I really hope these new developments like the U2 tower and the Point village go ahead. I think it would really change the perception of Dublin from the railway line. Another thing that was mooted 10 years ago was replacing the railway bridge across the liffey with a light structure that would at least give you a decent view from the train of the river. I dont know what happened to that proposal. I have to say that quote from the American tourist another poster was qouting was vey accurate. The Southside definatley looks better then the Northside from the dartline:)

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