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Did you fall asleep at Booterstown? What about the bits further on?
The Dublin-Kingstown railway was one of the first suburban railways in the world and largely responsible for the development of Dun Laoghaire as a town. At Blackrock it cut off Vances harbour and the lovely classical temple at Lord Cloncurry’s Maretimo, surely worth an architectural comment if only to tell us how they now look. Sadly Maretimo was replaced by a 1960’s block of flats; Frescati, another lovely nearby Georgian, was demolished to make way for Roches Stores. The Southside was helped later by the old Harcourt St Line, leading to the late 19c leafy stockbroker belt of Carrickmines/Foxrock. One of the best views in Dublin is when the train bursts out of the long dark tunnel into the sunlight of Killiney Bay. The “sham gallery” is worth a comment also, although it’s not accessible by DART or on even on foot, The new bridge at Killiney station is interesting but shite in its incongruity. What do the new apartments at the Court Hotel site look like? They must be finished by now?
PoxyShamrok – there are very few orange trains on the Dort line Southside – a couple a day to Rosslare – and I believe that goods trains have more or less stopped since IFI closed. The old trick in my student days was, when in funds, to take the Rosslare express departing Westland Row at 18.30 and have a drink at the bar, arriving in Dunlaoghaire 15 mins later.

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