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The DART trip is scenic compared to the Luas red line journey, though.
After taking in the delights of the still shoddy-looking streets of the city’s “legal quarter”, there’s a quick look across the river at Heuston before a not-quick-enough jaunt through the crumbling south inner city. At least Fatima Mansions are gone.
Avoid eye-contact with the junkies and winos travelling apparently for free between St James and Suir Road and from then on, the ride is no longer scary, just bleak and industrial.
Bluebell. Kylemore. Blackhorse. Mile after mile of shimmering DIY megastores and car dealers. Then you cross soulless M50 land at the Red Cow before you really enter no-man’s-land.
The cranes of the emerging downtown Tallaght on the horizon promise some sort of respite from the endless rows of suburbia, but when you’re finally dumped outside the Square it’s just a load of anonymous-looking blocks that as yet haven’t done anything to create a sense of a town centre.
This is straying from the thread, I know, but I suppose my point is the northside doesn’t have a monoploy on looking crap from public transport!

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