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@massamann wrote:

Okay…. but do you have anything to add? What would you like to see? Examples, or proposals? I’m open to being convinced by any argument, but all that you’re doing is criticising others rather than putting anything forward.
What’s your alternative?

fair questions,
Im adding my opinion on the shockingly poorly designedpoorly laid out buildings and poor value for money that have spung up all over this country in recent times, especiall when compared to other developed nations.
Id like to see Irish architects lead instead of follow, we do it in other fields, industrys and creative arts , I dont know why they cant do it in this field.
its virtually impossible to find a good example in ireland, I thought the maternity wing in the CUH was okay but jaysus if you spent anytime there youd know its a complete joke, couple of hundred million later and some design awards and you have 30 people in the CORRIDOR waitng for consultations in rooms that are too small to accomodate more than 3 adults , whilst complee strangers gawp as another patient recieves a fetal scan 2 FEET from their faces , and dont try to grab a bite there on a rainy day, like a Tokyo subway train. I find it so amusing to spend time there and watch the nurses trip over the patients and everyone getting tetchy cos their ontop of eachother , the sad part is watching those heavily pregant try try to get comfortable in a waiting area more in touch with a dole queue than alleviative care but heh its ARTchitecture. Speaking of which why does the architectural industry consistently reward designers whose buildings fail in their primary purpose.
Theres no need for an alternative, the boom is over, thankfully this will put a stop to the dross .
Spending the next few months travelling in the US , France and Benelux , Im hoping whatever damage done to my cornea by the horrors on Irelands streets will be corrected by the visual splendour I know I will find there.
you can go back to the love fest and jocularity now, I believe someone had pointed out the building boom was worthwhile because you can get a decent penne pasta dish . Would that be the sort or argument you find convincing …
thnks for runing spelchecker erlier for me wearnicehats.. culd i trouble you again…atta boy.

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