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@notjim wrote:

It is great that Ranelagh is now an upend area full of elite facilities, but to get there it lost the faded bourgeois meets student village meets Baggotonia feel it had fifteen years ago and Baggot Street itself lost even earlier. Where is the new student area?

Ranelagh has sadly gone down hill with its ever expanding restaurants and coffee shops (I would love to a planning permission for something else) and the unwanted traffic they have brought to the area. As for the bed sits, they still exist in Ranelagh, you just don’t notice them with the amount of parked cars from non-residents visiting the un-elite (up market burger joints) facilities.

Saying that, fifteen years ago, Ranelagh was a few pints in all of the pubs, bag of chips and a punch up in night owls sort of place.

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