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I’ll put this as simply as possible. I know it won’t make any difference because you’ll ignore it as you haven’t a leg to stand on.
@BostonorBerlin wrote:

for every stat you produce showing an improvement in standards I could produce 5 stats showing a negative trend in quality of life.

Off the top of my head: child mortality, life expectancy, average income, average wealth, average educational attainment, job security and most surveys of happiness have improved dramatically in the last 15 years. Your turn. One each will do.

And if earning nothing is compensated by cheaper housing, there are a couple of sub-saharan countries I could recommend where average income is under a $1000 a year; houses are cheap ‘though.

I could actually listen to someone complain all day if the moaning contained a bit erudition, was expressed with intelligence, included some humour or displayed some novelty of thought. You are just an absolute bore.

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