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@BostonorBerlin wrote:

Yep your drunk all right . Grow up and get an education , your post is so full of holes Im juat about arsed to reply to it , its a pathetic arguement , for every stat you produce showing an improvement in standards I could produce 5 stats showing a negative trend in quality of life. And even the items you do list as being indicators of great progress, have counter arguments that negate their overall benefit. incomes trebling balance that against 10 fold increas in house prices in 15 years… jaysus ill stop now your just not worth debating if your really spouting that nonsense.

Drunkeness is a temporary condition. You always come across as a clown.

Unusually, there is nothing in that message that I am embarrassed about.

Go ahead and list any widely accepted quality of life metrics which have declined in the last 15 years. I’ll not only match your list but double it. And you are an idiot of the highest order if you think in your parochial bitter little-Irelander mindset that house ownership affordability is a serious counter to improvements in measures which count human life and health particulary of measures of child mortality. You grubby little man.

You really should try to experience life in at least a few other countries and cities even if just for a holiday. You might actually learn something about Ireland.

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