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I’m a little drunk.. hic.. but the sentiments expressed in this thread are odd to say the least.
The “what has the Celtic tiger done for us” question is ludicrous by any objective or quantifiable measure. Life expectancy has risen more in the last 15 years than it has ever risen in a country outside of a post total war situation. Child mortality has gone from third world levels to nearly the top of the global table. Levels of education are now exceptional. The average and mean incomes have nearly trebled so that they are now at a level only surpassed by one or two other countries in the world. In Europe-wide surveys, the Irish are now generally found to be among the happiest and most content nationality in Europe. The idea of someone, even if long-term unemployed, would be unable to afford new shoes, clothes, food and heating bills never mind cars, foreign holidays and satellite TV is now considered exceptional. Anyone who thinks that nothing or little has been achieved in the last 15 years is seriously lacking perspective and has absolutely no inkling of what life was like before 1993.
Yet the entire economic boom can be judged worthless and a failure because it hasn’t afforded some starchitect the opportunity to build the equivalent of a Gehry museum in Dublin?
Dublin no longer looks and feels like a deserted post-WW2 bombed out shell of a city. It really was a shocking example of 20th century urban decay and dereliction 15 years ago. By all surveys and measures, it is now a significant – if not yet a major – European capital and is considered by most international surveys are pretty good city to live in. There are still significant problems but they are far more agreeable problems than those facing the urban heroin park that was the centre of Dublin 20 years ago.

Yep your drunk all right . Grow up and get an education , your post is so full of holes Im juat about arsed to reply to it , its a pathetic arguement , for every stat you produce showing an improvement in standards I could produce 5 stats showing a negative trend in quality of life. And even the items you do list as being indicators of great progress, have counter arguments that negate their overall benefit. incomes trebling balance that against 10 fold increas in house prices in 15 years… jaysus ill stop now your just not worth debating if your really spouting that nonsense.

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