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I’m not going to argue philosophy or design – I’ll lave that to me betters.

Facts on business failures (liquidation, receivership, administration.) in Ireland:
In 2005 there were 409 business failures, 104 or 25% were construction related
In 2006 there were 345 business failures, 116 or 33% were construction related
In 2007 there were 370 business failures, 165 or 45% were construction related

In Q1 2008 there were 130 business failures, a 64% increase on the amount (81) in Q1 2007, and of those more than 60% were construction related. The trend has continued since then and H1 2008 will probably show the same.
“Construction related” includes builders, developers, mech & elec, firms, specialist joineries, fitted kitchen manufacturers, etc.
Collect your fees, gentlemen, he who hesitates ……………….

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