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@BostonorBerlin wrote:

Henno you seem like an decent bloke but in all fairness can we hand on heart and with a serious face actually put this building forward as a signature of its time, marke of an Era (Celtic TIger).
If thats it then things are worse than I thought.

I love the way its everyones fault but the designers… most architects will line up the builders, sub-contractors, nimbys and local grannys in front of them before taking any flak for abject design failures .. Berties MO in more ways than one has infected elements of Irish society. I had some faint hope there was some design talent in this country , but reading into the reaction as the tower crumbles Im less and less inclined to believe that, it looks like a total and utter systemic failure in developing anything resembling an Irish movement or style. On the plus side badly designed buildings were in fact very poorly constructed, so give it another 20 years and most will be up for replacement.

BoB your delight in seeing projects in ur own country fail is so frustrating. Why do u enjoy it so much?

An architect can’t take sole responsibility for the failure of a building project just as much as they can’t take full credit for a successful one. A good building will be produced when the entire design team. contractor, client and end user are committed to building a quality, well designed project. Unfortunately for much of the Celtic tiger era developers and contractors ( and many architects) were concerned solely with building as many units as possible, as fast as possible.

Having said that I really don’t think u can honestly say that the standard of planning, urban design and architecture hasn’t improved a huge amount in the last 15 years. Its definitely not perfect and there’s a long way to go but still we’ve made huge advances.

Ranelagh is probably a good example of how the general standard of design has improved. We haven’t made any shout out loud, ‘landmark’, Bilbao effect buildings but who cares. We need to raise the level of awareness of good design and sustainable living types etc. Then we’ll have made huge leaps to safeguarding our heritage and improving the built environment.

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