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@GregF wrote:

Came across this little video of some imagery of North American cities.. ie New York, Chicago etc…set to a piece of music by Ultravox.
The piece is about 30 years old, but look at all the trappings of contemporary and modern living -appartments, mono-rails, shopping malls, offices etc… Stuff we in Ireland finally somewhat attained at the end of the 20th century!

So here’s to the next boom!


Really enjoyed that piece although with the recent fashion swing back to 1983/4 in hair and fashion I couldn’t figure out if it is actually historic or contemporary!

Here is to the next boom which one hopes is not too far away but one feels may be just a little less construction led than the end of the last one.

I really hope that 22 years after the first one that a new and equally successful PNR can be agreed as right now Ireland along with possibly Italy is showing real immaturity in facing up that to the sad new reality that everyone is going to have to take a lot of pain to get prices back to real levels and the economy back onto a sustainable path.

€6 for a pint or a sandwich in D2 or contemporary civil service wages structures or really pointless agencies have no place at this point of the cycle and must be removed like the malignant tumours that they are. The sooner these issues are corrected the sooner Foreign Direct Investors will start to take what is a fantastic young educated and creative population for their true value and not the bloated pricing structure that they encounter in our major towns and cities.

If these issues aren’t corrected the recession in Ireland whilst abating accross the wider OECD will last longer than Japan’s in the 1990’s and worse still there is no indigenous manaufacturing sector to repatriate foreign profits from excluding possibly 10 companies.

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