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So I was going home on the bus today , it was a beautiful day (as Bono would say or sing, that same multi millionaire chap, appealer to common folk, for starving children in distress and dire need ) and passing on up the quays on a 79 (by Bono’s hotel too), I saw all the broken people of Irish society, ie the drugs addicts, winos etc…who took advantage of the fine day and decided to take a stroll too. There was a plethora of such folk in the sunshine, amongst the tourists who had come to see the sights of the capital of Ireland. One sight that would have been an exclusive for their holiday snaps and memories was of a young woman pissing in the doorway of Fitsimmons Bar/Hotel in broad daylight whilst her ‘boyfriend’ stood looking on. Any sign of a garda …….na not one to behold! What a fucking kip! I wouldn’t mind but I had been in O’Donoghue’s pub where one chap had just bought only a packet of cheap cigarettes using his credit card ….. ‘roish’. What a gap in Irish society! No better than anywhere else, I suppose. But Irish folk and Irish society can be full of shit however!

“For what died the sons of Róisin?”

Erin go bragh!

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