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@massamann wrote:

About three months ago you paused the criticism of everybody else to tell us the kind of buildings that you DID like. This was what we got at the time:
So now that you are back, can you name something? Anything? I can’t picture where you’re coming from if all I have to go on is “I’d like to see Irish architects lead instead of follow”. I’m all for debate, but that involves more than just pointing out what we don’t like. Anybody can do that. Can we all please take it to the next level?

Have you ever actually worked in any of these retarded overpriced building we have created recently in Ireland, have you ever actually lived or stayed a few nights in the shit hole apartments and dreaded dreary f**kwit estates , have you ever thought what the net social reprecussion down the line of a massive cost overrun in a public private building contract is I could go on…

If you need to still ask that question your never going to get the answer. Id recommend you take a flight, get a job, go live and work in 3 or 4 different countries, then travel around those countries and its neighbours doing business or sighseeing, bring your family and kids, look for value and comfort places of interest places of social gathering and activities, places of entertainment, education and social services for them and then you come back here in a few years and you tell me if you would even entertain such a ridiculous question from someone who is suppossed to be in the know.
I had way too much fun getting out of this shithole and its dreary manmade landscape to even contemplate getting into that kind of a debate. Someone build a decent building here thats has merit and stands on its own two feet in all aspects, cost, function, aesthetic, individuality and we can take it to the next level . I have spoken where I saw fit in regard to what and how I saw things presented on this forum.

Times have changed, history has moved in its over , it was a failure , the RIAI and architects in general made alot of money whilst simultaneously failing society as a whole . Shut the door, turn out the lights, switch off the printer there are other more pressing matters at hand.
I couldnt be arsed arguing anymore I will repeat my heartfelt believe…..
What we got in effect was a bunch of sub-prime and credit default swap architecture, The buidlings constructed during the Celtic tiger boom were so highly leveraged in starchitect archi-speak bullshit and the chase for the next contract/shekels few if any dared burst the illususory bubble that somehow these buildings were even half decent.

You want an example , heres one … the Millau viaduct was a joy to drive over. 394 million euro joy. Now you and the rest of your ilk here who are still delusional and need some clarification as to what exatcly was lacking in irish architecture and the building boom can go off and play in your 4 billion euro Metro line sandbox.
Whats that 4billion euro in real terms, I did the sums last night, it represents ten times the amount per GDP per head of pop that the UK is spending on the olympics. Go tell the UK they are hosting 10 Olympics in a row , what are we getting for that , 1 f**ing metro line.

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