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Rory W

@Thomond Park wrote:

From RTE Interactive

“The Bay
A look at the port and docklands in Dublin and how the opening of the Dublin Port tunnel will help the busy area.
Wednesday RTÉ ONE 7.30pm “

This should be an interesting programme and should help clarify a lot of the detail surrounding a lot of projects. What annoys me about so many urban planning & environment programmes are the 730pm slot they are put into directly competing with the show with the highest viewing figures thereby depriving these highly informative and well researched pieces of local television from a mainstream audience. 🙁

Because people who watch soaps in the majority would not watch a show like this – whereas Soap avoiders (like myself) tend to prefer shows like this. So it makes sense to cater for people who would watch the show – theres only a few hours of prime airtime so at least its on at a reasonable time and not buried after 11 at night

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