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This is a fine terrace, unique in terms of how uniform it is, with regular windows and parapet marching down the street. The shopfronts in their original positions look equally fine, esp with the integrated doorcases alongside.
To reduce the length of this terrace and reposition the shopfronts for no decent reason other than to create an entrance to the college with ancillary accomodation is totally unaccepable.
These buildings and shopfronts make a fine and worthy contribution to the street and should not be interfered with.
To ‘open up the college to the community’ could be done equally with the reinsertion of shops where they should be.

I agree about Trinity fudging this – at last physically offering something to the local community but almost using the gesture as a bargaining tool for the demolition.
Deal with the concrete monster (Engineering Dept?) facing onto the street along side the terrace, and leave these buildings alone.
Really, the cheek of them, the sheer cheek, it is extraordinary by any standards – letting the buildings rot, breeze block up shopfronts and two fingers to the street, and then come swaggering along years later and propose demolishing them. The cheek – I cannot get over this proposal.
Shame on Trinity.

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