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When I read about this development, I was taken aback in admiration for TCD. That is, at the sheer size of their bollocks. Speaking as an ex-Trinity student who was brought up in the Pearse St area (as the crow flies, I lived about 2 minutes from those buildings they seek to demolish), I’m old enough to remember when Pearse was still a fairly lively place. Let’s not imagine that the buildings TCD own were dilapidated or financially unsound when they bought them; in many cases there were businesses there, but the college’s pockets were deep. If anyone thinks they’re turned over a new leaf, look at what’s happened on Lincoln Place in the last few years. Again, what was a fairly lively stretch of with a cafe, restaurant, bookstore and pub is now blank wall.

The only reason that TCD claim they need to demolish these buildings is so that the poor young waifs of the area can have access. One wonders what the two other gates already on this stretch of street – which are locked for most of the day, and open only to electronic card holders at other times – are for? As I mentioned, I was a student who lived 2 minutes away, but I often ended up having a 15 minute detour by the Front Gate to get into college. This had nothing to do with the fact there are no gates on Pearse St, and everything to do with paranoia towards their neighbours (hint to TCD: if someone wants to rob something from the college, they will go to the trouble of walking around to the Lincoln Gate).

Anyone know where I can lodge a complaint?


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