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@Diaspora wrote:

The solution is very simple TCD can restore the buildings and reinstate the retail use to ground floor that the buildings were designed for, with the exception of one shop front which would feature a link from the Junction of Pearse St and Shaw St, back into the College.

xThese buildings are of sound structural condition and there is no excuse to remove functional historical urban fabric for the whim of someone in TCD.

The positive answer to this thread is misleading I feel as TCD is a National Institution the concept of property is less relevant than it would be to a private developer. TCD as a National Body should have acted with more responsibility towards the built environment over the past two decades and not acting in the form of a knee jerk reaction when they start to out grow their site.

Make no mistake unless Trinity Court is moved from this location no architecture will solve the areas problems, American Holidays are the latest local business to flee, they went to Duke St last week. Quite frankly I don’t blame them.

I feel they have the corpo over a barrel on this one.Would have liked to have seen the city CPO a lot of TCD’s property (especially their ‘temporary ‘surface car park opposite Westland Sq) but it must not be feasible for whatever reason…
TCDinc. do not give a f**k about Dublin or the vast majority of its inhabitants who are of no economic use to them
Junkies are not the whole of the problem for Pearse st.,There are actually more junkies loitering around the other methadone clinic on lwr Abbey st. but they are not as conspicuos because of the higher footfall in that area.
overall it is a dilemma and it is a pity to think in this now prosperous city there is still compromises potentially to be made vis a vis conservation/regeneration. It will be very interesting to see how it pans out.

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