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@a boyle wrote:

Why is it that places appropriate for highrise don’t have them, while enormous hulking towers like this get the go ahead.

Absolutely. That structure looks way too overpowering for the area it’s in, particularly if the renderings you’ve posted (thanks CM00/paul h) are showing it deceptively smaller than it would actually be.

If Dublin has to go tall, certainly slender would work better. Re the pub, it’s only the dwarfing aspect that bothers me, I like that old/new contrast too.

As for Tara St. Station itself, I was there for the first time in a long time a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at the state it was in. I was under the impression it had undergone renovations?? The only new element I noticed was an ‘under construction’ exit on the Howth-Greystones platform. Am I missing something?

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