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The M50 upgrade is costing a fortune 816m is the latest figure and it looks set to rise further if previous NRA experience is anything to go by. I can understand your support Peter; if I lived close to the notorious traffic blackspot that is Ballymount; I too would be asking how to God they ever built the M50 in its current format.

Coming back to the article there are some very well made points in it particularly on the existence of three motorways so close to each other, it is a fact that the Existing M1 runs west of Drogheda by about 2 miles, the proposed route of the M3 will be a similar distance East of Navan, Drogheda and Navan are 13 miles apart by road or 11.5 miles in a straight line, these two motorways will be 7.5 miles apart and I’m sure that the NRA will surely upgrade the M2 beyond Ashbourne before too long.

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