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I wouldn’t agree geraghtyg that a city needs tall buildings to look like a city – or rather, what we percieve a western city to look like – but I do agree that Dublin’s Docklands needs definition.
Most certainly not of the Spencer Dock Attempt 1 variety (to think that would be being topped out around now had it progressed 😮 ), but development of a decidedly more well-planned and aesthetically pleasing nature.

Exactly what form this should take in real terms is along the lines of that DDDA article in the other tall thread; mid-rise 10ish storeys punctuated with the odd 25-30 storey building for interest.

I suppose the greatest fear that conservationists have now on the high-rise issue – if it’s even an issue anymore – is not so much the height, but the architecture. High-rise modern buildings will make Dublin just like everywhere else – high-quality or not. It’s just the nature of contemporary design and development – I suppose we ought to see at as an opportunity rather than anything else to progress contemporary design – but as a concession I would like to see the existing city centre skyline being given a definition of its own by being kept as it is, which I cannot see happening.
A comparitively low-rise skyline is just as important as one puctuated with towers; it equally as worthy and equally as distinctive.

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