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I think a nice cluster of decent height “sky-scrapers” would give Dublin a fantastic visual impact, especially when driving from out side the city to the city itself. I know that if I am driving into Dublin on the M1, I can see the ESB chimney stacks at Poolbeg as soon as I get over the hills near Balbriggan. However, if there was an area of decent sized skyscarpers ( not neccessarily that tall, maybe 30 – 50 or 60 stories) in Dublin city, the view driving towards the city would be absolutely amazing IMO as you get closer and closer to the city. I feel it would give myself and others a feeling of knowing where the city centre area is rather than using the chimney stacks as your landmark for Dublin and perhaps The Spire when you get closer and have a good eye. I would feel I would be getting closer to a modern, well developed city rather than a low rise, drab, sprawling “town” – A city that actually looks like a city. The drive from my home on the northside to the city via the coast road is nice with mountains in the distance. The port area and the chimney stacks are the only real land marks. Until the Spire went up, my notion of where the city centre is (O’Connell St) was totally different to where I now know it to be, when driving to the city on the coast road. Now a nest of skyscrapers in the city or the docklands with the Dublin mountains in the background would make a fantastic vista. In a decade or so, I could picture myself lying in the sun on Dollymount beach (thanks to global warming 🙂 ) with 50 story skyscapers about a mile or 2 away. What a strange sight that would be. Or would it? We already have the chimney stacks which are huge and not that easy on the eye and yet nobody seems to have a problem with these. Anyone know what the height of the stacks are equivalent to number of stories, rather than in metres or feet?

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