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Thanks to everyone for their comments and corrections

The City Quay proposal seems to exist only on Shay Cleary’s website; if you know more I’d love to hear it

Nope, I only know what I read on this site. Sorry.

The U2 Landmark tower was never 25 stories, it was 19 or 20 depending on how the ground floor was configured. It may well be 25 stories when planning is applied for, however.

I read 25 somewhere, unfortunately can’t remember now. Didn’t think that could be right as it wouldn’t correspond with the overall height of 78m.

Tara St. Station will be 15 stories and 60.8m above ground; it will reach 63.3m above sea level which is lower than Liberty Hall.

Read an Evening Herald aticle which claimed it would be taller. Maybe they were referring to the older proposal. It was reduced by 2 floors if i’m right?

Lexington, thanks for the Cork figures esp. Eglinton street. Think I had the number 25 stuck in my head for some reason.

I listed the Cherry Orchard Tower as residential, but thats just my assumption. Is this a serious proposal? I can’t really see it getting the go ahead. A Trojan for a shorter tower perhaps? Would love to see a pic of the project.

Andew Duffy, do you know if the Leisureplex will be demolished to make way for the Stillorgan tower? Surely if thats the plan, it will be replaced? :confused:

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