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Andrew Duffy

Liberty Hall is 59.4m from ground level to the roof of the observation level; the plant room on the top is 63.4m above seal level.

– The 32 story building on Barrow St. will be 108.25m above ground.
– The City Quay proposal seems to exist only on Shay Cleary’s website; if you know more I’d love to hear it.
– The U2 Landmark tower was never 25 stories, it was 19 or 20 depending on how the ground floor was configured. It may well be 25 stories when planning is applied for, however.
– Thanks for the info on Merchant’s Gate
– Santry Cross is 52m above ground
– Tara St. Station will be 15 stories and 60.8m above ground; it will reach 63.3m above sea level which is lower than Liberty Hall.


– Gannon Homes has an application in for Balgriffin (6249/04) with residential buildings of 19 and 15 stories
– Green Property has an application in for a 17 storey, 60.8m hotel in Blanchardstown (F04A/1799)
– Glencairn Developments has a 17 storey proposal (D04A/1115) for the Murphystown Road
– The Airport City Partnership has applied for a 16 storey hotel in Clonshaugh (F04A/1684)
– Florence Property & Chanterwork Property have applied for a 15 storey hotel in Clancy Barracks (6113/04, 6114/04)
– Stillorgan Enterprises Ltd. has applied for a 15 storey building on the site of the Leisureplex (D04A/1254)

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