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I was under the impression myself that it was to be re-built elsewhere in the airport, not quite it seems.

@DAA wrote:

The early stages of the project required
the removal of a number of existing
buildings at the T2 site including the
formerly listed Corballis House.
Prior to the controlled demolition of
Corballis House, the DAA made a detailed
record of the property and its history. All
items of architectural merit from the house
were also carefully salvaged prior to its

The DAA plans in time to re-use all the
salvaged material, including doors, window
frames, shutters and floor tiles in the
renovation of Cloghran Stud Farm,which is
located close to Dublin Airport. It is also
possible that some of the decorative
plasterwork, salvaged from Corballis House,
will be incorporated within T2.

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