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If a town is expanding as rapidly as Swords, then the way to ensure ‘capital led, developer driven’ expansion is to do nothing and have no strategic plan. Swords should aim to be a third-tier sub-regional centre (1= Dublin, 2= Cork, 3= Navan (say)), with a wide range of facilities as indicated (agree with notjim about the need for an IT). If the Pavilions is to expand as a commercial centre for this development, it needs to integrate more with the Main Street and see itself less as a suburban mall (I know there were plans for it to do so). With a castle, a medieval church and Fingal CC offices, it is already a cut above the ordinary. But it needs more density, a rapid transit to the city via the airport, local industry and commerce (for a local employment base) and a plan. Does it even have a town council at the moment? But, go for it.

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