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I don’t know why you are all so negative?

It has been known for some time that Superquinn were looking for external capital to develop the group and with McNamara & SCD they get to realise those ambitions. If you look at their brand position they needed to do something, 10 years ago both Quinnsworth & Dunnes were only interested in competing on price and Superquinn had a good niche in areas such as Sutton, Blackrock & Carlow where there were consumers who would pay a little more. Having looked at their portfolio a lot of it could do with a little development, granted there are sites such as Blackrock that are already maxed out, but there are certainly opportunities for complimentary apartment development at Sutton.

I don’t expect to see the portfolio stripped, but I do expect to see some aggresive site acquisition taking place, as this is the only consortium of developers with a gauranteed anchor and local development expertise.

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