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@Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

I don’t know Prax, does all church imagery have to be overt ? I.

I would re-phrase the question:

Is ecclesiastical art and imagerry conceptual and abstract or is it representational and immediately “sensible”? Is it a process addressed to the intellect or to the senses?
We could typify that question be juxtaposing a piece of sculpture by Henry Moore with picture by Esteban Murillo?
Is ecclesiastical art and imagery an end in itself or a means to an end, i.e. an excercise subsidiary to a greater end?
Then we have to consider its origins and development; the significance of efforts to reproduce the Mandyllion of Edessa (the image of Christ’s face); its instructive or paedegogical purpose, to teach the truths of the faith in an immdeiately accessible form to the unlettered and unscooled, the so-called “Biblia Pauporum” or Bible of the Poor, end; the significance of the theology of the Incarnation in this entire operation, Christ took on concrete flesh was seen in an immediate and accessible “form”; the canon or symbols, colours, forms and images that has evolved oer the past two milennia etc.

When it becomes necessary to put a little brass plaque under the window explaining what it is and what it signifies or symbolizes, how do we understand that?

In relation to the window we have been discussing, I would never have associated the colour blue with the Holy Ghost, nor indeed yellow.

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