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Hi Archiboy, just a couple of things I’d like to add, as I am a mature student studying architecture myself.
First, why UL? It’s not recognised by the RIAI, that’s the professional body of Architects in this country in case you’re not aware, and won’t be for a number of years yet at best. If the requlating of the term ‘Architect’ is to be introduced, as it is hoped will happen within the forseeable future, then you might be hard pushed to work as a professionally recognised architect by having taken a course that is not recognised by the professional body. DIT and UCD both have their merits and are, most importantly, the only 2 courses requlated and recognised by the RIAI, UCD being recognised by the RIBA also.
Second, don’t limit yourself to thinking about just architecture. The architectural technologist course could be even more suited to you as you already have a technical background with engineering and may find it easier to adjust and progress well in architectural technology – check it out.
Third, as is previously mentioned in the thread, look at the UK too. Scotland has a number of great courses – a number in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee etc., and London has a great rep as well as being a great course.
Please also keep in mind that the course is a bloody long one, with a huge percentage of people taking much more than the 5 years it says on the tin, if you get me…. It’s long, it’s tough, it can be soul destroying at times, and you can ask anyone here that’s gone through it about that!
But if you love it, it’ll be worth it…or so I’m told 😉
Good luck!
ps. DIT are starting a 5 year Masters programme in place of the current 5 year B.Arch programme within the next few years that might be worth thinking about too.

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