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@goneill wrote:

Read anything you can find about the Australian-based architect Glenn Murcutt – who, incidentally, is giving a lecture in the RDS this evening. Free. There are a few biographies, for example “Leaves of Iron”.

Thanks for that recomendation, I Googled him to get a quick look and he’s exactly the type of architect I was hoping to read about. I just waiting on the Christmas holidays now to go and buy a book or two, I’m up to my neck with study at the moment with the exams coming up 🙁 .

UL will be my first choice but I’m going to apply to DIT and UCD as well. Does anyone recommend a course in the UK that would be worth looking into? It’s early days yet but I just want to compare the different courses to see which suits me best.

I have loads more questions too but I can’t think of any right now. I’ll keep them coming though!

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