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a boyle

i think you are probably right. local council ought to have taxing power of some description. the nessecity to raise taxes is not certain but probable .

But there is more by splitting dublin four ways every council is neutered. i cannot speak for the rest of the country , but the entire area inside the m50 ought to be governed by a single council . a directly elected mayor is another thing that could make a difference.

But there is more to this . i think when creating the development plan, the council should propose 3 , a ten year a twenty year , and a hundred year plans. thing like housing density should be explicitly marked .

So say the metro is built then every kilometre either side of it could be demolished over time and rebuilt with the higher density needed. As things lie there will simply be an uncomfortable struggle between the houseowners and developpers seeking higher buildings

Things like parks and future possible parks should be marked. etc etc.

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