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My question, is there any way around the land sterilisation,

A) That depends on why the land was sterilized. Sometimes its to maintain a low density, sometimes its to maintain distance between developments, sometimes its proximity to a septic tank or a water course, sometimes its a reservation adjoining a motorway. Unless you state why the land was sterilized, its impossible to advise you.

i.e.: can you rescind it or have it lifted,

A) See answer above

would it have a time limit

A) Sterilization is usually not time limited, but circumstances may change.

or if he were to purchase the land now will the sterilisation pass to him as the new owner or would the purchase effectively nullify it.

A) Sterilization of land – whether under a provision of the planning acts, whether by a development plan zoning restriction, a special amenity order, a listed view, an architectural conservation area or whether its simply by a condition attached to a planning permission – like permission, usually goes with the land and the use of the land and adjoining lands. Its unlikely to cease with a transfer of ownership.

Not all architects develop planning expertise but most architects can read a previous permission or a current development plan.

Not all purchasers of land are au fait with the restrictions that can be placed on development, but the purchaser’s solicitor should have sought requisitions on title which should have pointed towards the pre-existing sterilization.

Looking back at your own question I think you will agree that you have provided very little information on which on which someone might offer comment.

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