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We have heard in recent months about “imminent” planning applications for:
Kent station

Kent station and surrounds is considered in 2 parts,
a) the railway station redevelopment and b) manor park homes application for Horgans Quay

The Manor Park application was for 276 residential units, 8 retail units, 2 commercial units, 3 showroom units, a crèche , a gym , open space , two levels basement car parking, all in 7 development blocks, range in height from 4 to 10 storeys, with a Landmark Building being 20 & 24 storeys in height.

This was despite the Cork Area Strategic Plan released by the City previous to this application, which stated the Horgans Quay area needed to be considered in a planning application in conjunction with a railway station redevelopment (promised originally by M Cullen that it would be complete by end 2007) and also the plan included landmark buildings in specific places in Cork but landmark buildings dont necessarily mean tall ones, it can be ones of architectural merit. The Manor Park plan also didnt seem to consider that the Water St site, immediately adjacent, was refused planning for 17 storeys so why Horgans Quay would be granted planning for 24 was beyond me.

The CASP stated that the development of the North Docks area, being the location of Kent railway station, in close proximity to the City’s bus station and capable of higher residential densities than suburban locations thus becomes a critical part of the implementation of the CASP strategy.

Following 33 objections and their own considerations, the City planners promptly refused the Manor Park plans outright for 14 reasons, one being the fact that the plan didnt include the railway station redevelopment – Manor Park brought it to Bord Pleanala who are due to decide on it by start October. In the meantime CIE have hinted at a station redevelopment (pictures somewhere on this forum – might be Cork docklands or transport thread) but no idea as to when that will happen – the picture of the possible new station remarkably resembles the proposed station redevelopment at Waterford also.

Its unknown now as to how concrete the various development plans created are, because one specific objective of the North Docks Local Area plan was to have a 5000 seater event centre at Kent Station – whereas the event centre will now be located in the South docklands following a recent behind closed doors meeting of the council to choose the developer for the event centre.

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