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@danielewing wrote:

In part K it does state that the width and going of the landing should be at least as great as the smallest width of the flight. But does this refer to half landings as well if so if you have a flight 3000mm wide you half landing would have to 3m by 3m! Can anyone shed light on this.

if you have a 3m wide stair your landing must be 3mx3m unless…

if you put a handrail down the middle and make it 2 x 1500mm wide flights, the landing can be 3000mm wide x 1500mm long BUT the handrail must be continuous through the landing

Of course, if you’re are Benson and Forsythe you can completely ignore all the building regs and put a 4m wide flight with 23 risers with no handrails into a public building, sit back and wait for someone to break their necks and the LA won’t do anything.

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