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Can’t see Offaly getting a 50,000 stadium. Their just isn’t the need. Ideally the GAA should build a 20,000 stadium, but with better facilities, with stuff like an all weather surface and flood lights. Would be a lot handier considering that Nolan Park in Kilkenny is currently being expaneded to 40,000.

In fairness i dont think there was ever plans to redevelop o connor park in tullamore to accomodate 50,000, the new stand is costing €5million and for a small county like Offaly thats a big financial burden, i dont think the rest of the ground is being touched for the moment, possibly in the next few years the other 3 sides will be modernised probably bringing the capacity up to 20/30,000. We’ve seen in the last few years or so that there has been huge interest from developers in GAA property in or near town centre’s, there’s talk of the county ground in newbridge, cusack park in mullingar and austin stack park in tralee being sold off, also the clare county board recieved a huge offer of €30 million for cusack park in ennis, if this were to go through clare would then relocate to a 45,000 capacity stadium with gym facilities etc on a site near the ennis bypass. To be fair though there is no way a 45,000 capacity ground is justified here, a properly covered 25,-30,000 capacity with floodlights etc would be a much more sound proposal. Limerick undertook a €12 million revamp of the Gaelic grounds 4 years ago bringing the capacity to 50,000 yet it hasnt been filled once yet(the woeful form of the county’s hurlers over the last 5 years hasnt helped), the 1980s mackey stand is the achillies heel of the stadium and a new stand is really needed but aparently a 2 tier structure would cost around €20 million, money which just isnt available, however floodlights will be installed there this summer. There has been a lot of talk recently about the gaa prioritising 2 stadiums in each province for development, although in munster there may be 3, a lot will depend on the long term future of pairc ui chaoimh!

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