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With all the talk here about Stack A, not one picture of it has been posted since it opened as a high-end retail mall over a year ago, so here’s one.

The shop units are all floor-to-ceiling glazing within the cast iron structure. Westbury Mall it is not!
It’s beautifully executed, a testament to the appropriateness of minimal glazing in an historic setting when done properly.

When you walk through it, it’s hard to believe this building was lying here unseen for years on end. It’s a great asset to the docklands and to the city. Sadly it’s hard to see the retail mall lasting as there’s only ever a trickle of people through it, not to mention de current climate. Finding a use for the building and finally getting it open seemed to be such an epic saga that it would be awful to see it shut up again.

Info on the restoration here – RIAI chq

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