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a boyle

@notjim wrote:

how about some dinosuars, they are actually pretty cheap because they are mostly plaster anyway. the nhm has a substantial undisplayed collections – don’t touch the nhm and have nmh II in the stack house.

i like that.

how curious that in the space of a lazy friday afternoon several viable ideas have been tossed up, by a set of people who have never met.

Considering the docklands people are specifically entrusted to develop the docklands , what a disapointing sham all around.

What is even more curious is that just today they have reported roughly 20 million euros of monies available to them .

This would go long way to

a public spa,
a second natural histroy museum,
a new headquarters for the chester beatty library,
a science museum,
(a transport museum ? )

furthermore we can be pretty certain that this wedding list shop were given a big discount to woo them to the site and will no doubt close at the least sign of trouble. It is a pitty but this will cement the complete void that is the ifsc.

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