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It’s a magnificent place – it’ll do wonder for the image of the IFSC. Beutifully finished inside and out – achingly so: it’s tailored within an inch of its life 🙂
In a way it’s a pity that it’s so close to Phase 1 and the city; the further reaches of Docklands could probably do with this amenity more than the location in which it’s sited.

Poor old George’s Dock next door – it was full of this algae four weeks ago and looked absolutely disgusting. An embarrassment to the city:

Does this happen every year?
How it was allowed to build up like this I don’t know – was there a sewage leak or other form of bacterial pollution?
In any event, it was dealt with swiftly soon after, with the Dock being completely emptied and the algae collected from the floor:

Suppose our new floating Abbey will soon sort this problem :rolleyes:

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