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Rusty Cogs

To be honest, the cycle path issue is one of serious umbridge (no pun intended) to myself. The DDDA were given a carte blanche in laying a cycle path from the Point to the new foot bridge and they’ve made a complete balls of it. Between Spencer Dock and the Point they’ve inserted three chicanes along the path with sharp (45 degree) turns on it. Normally I’d simply cycle through the chicane but trucks and camper vans are using them for parking 😡 As you continue up the path it simply dissapears for stretches where the red asphalt is replaced by natural stone. Then it finishes completely with no path back on to the road at the Spencer Dock drawbridge. Starts again after the bridge, stops for the two cafes, starts again, stops for the DDDA offices and doesn’t come back. All the way you have pedestrians obliviously walking along the middle of the track.

I mean, laying a cycle track along side the N11 was just too funny as it rolled up and down the cambers of driveways, in between bus stops and buses and generally all over the shop as if the guy with the asphalt was drunk. But when they have a blank canvess and loads of cash and still make a bollix of it it defies logic/belief. I wrote to the DDDA as it was being layed (I could see the out line of the chicanes early on) and I think my mail was ejected into the soup and floated out to sea !!!

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